Vizio's Spring Refresh Brings Touch Support to Premium PC Line



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These are pretty nifty machines. Vizio is really branching out and their quality isn't too bad. Sure it's not Asus but it's still decent from the looks of them



If Vizio comes out with a 27" touchscreen monitor, I'll be interested...if it's at a price I can afford.



I wouldn't call "starting at $1,090" for "designs similar in style to Apple's MacBook Air" " "a fraction of the cost." ...well, I guess three-fourths or more is still a fraction.

What you really get is a fraction of the resale value :D Not to pick on Visio; that's PCs in general. The real value here may be realized in the touch support. I know for a lot of people (like the ones who don't build) this would be a great computer.



That comment was in relation to Vizio's original Ultrabook offerings, which debuted for several hundred less than a comparable MacBook Air (you can now find the 15.6-inch model for around $600, versus $1,200 for a 13-inch MacBook Air).

And you nailed it about touch support, if comparing these new models to the MacBook Air line. I suspect Apple will upgrade the MacBook Air with touch panels at some point too, but I'd be surprised if the price points stayed the same.


Renegade Knight

Apple is on record as saying they don't see the point of touchscreens for their OS X machines. However I expect them to introduce it soon enough.



Fair enough/good counterpoint.

I guess I should eat my shoe and admit that the $600 15" Visio is considerably cheaper than even an entry-level 13" MBP.

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