Vizio's Full HD 1080p Ultrabook Bucks Tradition, Now Available Online



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Does anyone know of a brick and mortar location that carries these laptops? The top of the line Vizio sounds like exactly what I've been looking for (minus the somewhat short battery life), but I want to touch and feel it before I order one.



I saw one of the desktops at WalMart. I've never seen one of these yet anywhere. Not even WorstBuy.



The Asus UX32VD is 1080p at 13". I believe it is the only Ultrabook to do this right now.



It looks like a decent value. Their TVs sure seem to be.



Just a note, I bought one of these and am very impressed. I'd give it a 9 out of 10, not a 6. I haven't had any issues with the touchpad as some have mentioned and the horsepower is amazing. I have Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 loaded and they all play fine at 1920x1080. Honestly I can't see how there is that much power in this small of a package, truly amazing. Battery life is 4-6 hours; 4hrs doing all intensive file copies, etc and 6 hrs doing normal stuff.
Worth every dime.



Just for those who are interested in these laptops, there's a Verge review article for them. Too lazy to link it because I don't think they let you link sites in the comment section, but just search it.

They gave it a rating for 6/10, mainly for the sub-par keyboard, trackpad, and a 3.5 hour long battery life.,



The irony being that most lower end "gamer" and almost all "multimedia" laptops i see top out at 1600x900. Rather pay $1200 for the top of the line than $1100 for a multimedia that will never push 1080p on the blu-rays that I stick in its drive.

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