Vista SP2 Beta Due This Week, Will Include Better Desktop Search



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funny, isn't most of this stuff already available as downloads from Windows Update?  That and Windows Search 4.0 sucks ass, but I guess anything is better than the craptastic search in Vista.



Agreed. Windows search is just another slowdown on my pc. That and it indexes when I dont want it to.



Scoff at will – but I’m one of the, evidently few, folks that generally likes Vista.  Of the irritations/complaints I do have is with the search function.  I hate it passionately.  It sucks balls to no end.  The updated version four sucks just as badly.  I would love to see this retooled prior to Vista SP2 or Win v.7



is there no official list of what all is coming in the service pack?

maybe it was just me that had a horrible time with sp1.  I installed it and after that i had horrible problems with programs not working and the likes. I uninstalled it and waiting about 3 months before installing it again........the second install of sp1 went much smoother for me for some reason.



It's a closed beta targeted at a select group so no...theirs no offcial list!

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