Vista and IE Lose Market Share, Windows 7 Makes Gains



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IE has fallen behind the competition and can't keep up with the pace of development of both Chrome and

Firefox. All my friends who used to complain why IE8 is so slow have switched to Firefox or Chrome and felt

satisfied by the performance ever since.

Choosing a browser from performance test results: Chrome vs Firefox



Migrating people from Vista is easy.  It's moving people from XP and IE 6 that'll be hard.



 In my enterprise environment we are crazy excited about Win 7.  All the engineers and developers that usually cause us grief in IT over any kind of upgrade will have to sit in a corner and sulk.  We haven't found a single legacy app that won't run in VXP.  Now the trick will be to make them use 7 and not just rely on the virtual environment.


-- "What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?"--




 Very nice to see that W7 is gaining (no surprise).


Lets just hope VPTD (vista post traumatic disorder) goes away quickly.


Looks like IE8 is really gaining, so is chrome, and firefox...


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