Virident Announces Super Fast TackIOn PCI-E SSD for Enterprise



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to sustain over 1million iops on the octal the octal had to chain some 200+ iodrives with its own special transport to cpu/bus whatever... i doubt mpc will be recieving any freebies in these sums




I guess no one ever showed them the Octal seems to be the best in the PCIe market for SSD's.  I have purchased a FusionIO (IO Drive DUO) device and a new OCZ RevoDrive at work.  The OCZ solutions are good for fast workstations, but when you want true Enterprise grade performance and reliability, the FusionIO is the device to beat.


I am just an IT manager, not a paid spokesperson!  To anyone thinking about getting PCIe SSD's, the performance change is INCREDIBLE.  It almost defies description.  We have it on our enterprise SQL server and the change was night and day.




Hmm, Maximum PC should have a showdown of these two?

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