Virgin Mobile to ISPs: Stop the Broadband Con!



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64 down 24 up, too bad I'm at work >.< At home I average around 14 down. I pay for a 10mb connection through wideopenwest.



I have 1.5/.25 DSL. It's the fastest thing available in my area. CenturyLink is my ISP. I really like their tech support. When I moved, the technician that transferred the service gave me some wire and a phone jack when I told him I wanted to redo the wiring. He even took the time to expain the color coding.

Yeah, I'm getting just a hair more than I'm paying for.



if you can get fios in your area, it is amazing!  I have the minimum FiOS package, which keeps on getting higher.  When i first subscribed it was 5/1 and nwo it's technically 15/5 I think, but I get more like 20 down!  think there might have been another upgrade!


what a privileged life i live.


I Jedi

I don't know about Virgin, but on a good day, I get speeds of around 20-25Mbit... and on a slow day about 10Mbit. This coming from a Time Warner customer. I have no complaints.



I'm paying for the formerly called HighSpeed (formerly HS Extreme) - I barely get 3mbps most of the time (usually 1.8 to 2.5)...  It's supposed to be 6mbps.  *sigh*



I am getting the speed I pay for, and with almost no TECHNICAL problems.  Billing on the other hand has been sketchy in the past, I have to watch when my agreement runs out as they try and pull funny stuff.



Major telecoms intentionally ripping people off? Never!




I subscribe to 12mbps for ~$50 a month.  The first two months were plagued with outages until they replaced a node.  After the node was replaces the outages stopped but speeds dropped to ~4mbps on average with highs at about 6mbps.  Even at 3am it still sits at 4mbps or lower.  Tech has been out at least a dozen times replacing lines from the neighborhood amp up to my house and to the modem as well as replacing the modem itself.  Signal sits at -1db well within tolerance and SNR is ~39db.

During high usage times around the neighborhood (4pm on) speeds drop to ~1mbps or below which at that point starts to affect the TV with my HD stations unable to come in.  I'm tired of paying for a service in which I only receive a small fraction of what I pay for.  The tech (which is the same guy each time) told my roomate while I was unable to be there that we were going to be hit with charges for "fraudulant customer service calls to Mediacom." I reported him...

I began recording my speed test analysis in order to create a database of my findings in which I will present to Mediacom because for some reason the speeds greatly improve ONLY when the tech comes out.  The last time he was there we hit nearly 11mbps but when I got home it dropped to 8mbps and then once again continued to drop back down to the average of 4mbps and highs of 6mbps with lows less than 1mbps...



I got CLEARWIRE 4G,  advertised speed: download up to 6 mbps, upload up to 1 mbps; speed test using speakeasy : download: 3.74 mbps, upload: 1 mbps.   I'm happy with the service, cause i get that avg speed every where i go in the clear coverage area. That's enough to stream movies, music, videos, etc...

CLEAR rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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