Violet Mir:ror Lets You Stick RFID Tags on All Your Stuff for no Reason



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Keith E. Whisman

You know this is my mark. You wont be able to buy or sell anything without my mark on your right fore arm and fore head. I command you to place an RFiD tag on your forehead and right forearm with my mark 666 and bow down to me. Hello I am the AntiChrist nice to meet you and be sure to worship me.



this could be somewhat useful for a small store who can't afford surface or perfressional IT for setup. customers can just bring the product they want to buy near a computer in the store, and scan the item for more info.



That means that Sheldon really did put RFID tags on all of his clothes last week! 

*nearly every day of my life is some kind of computer hell*



That episode is exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I read the headline! Very good episode.

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