ViewSonic's Super Thin VX2460h-LED Monitor Elicits Jealous Stares from Bulky LCDs



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It may be a quarter inch thick at the bezel, but look at the width of said bezel. Certainly not worthy of any "jealous stares" - thinness notwithstanding.

I agree with what Penterax said - it's a tuner-less TV panel.



One more piece of junk 1080p "monitor".

That's not a monitor, that's a TV screen. It looks terrible a few feet away from your face with it's large pixel pitch. It scrunches up your documents, and if you have a game that has a bar at the bottom of the screen and you can't change it, it makes for even more limited viewing area than we already have for games.



So, what screen tech does it use?


Peanut Fox

Going by the 2ms response time and low price tag, I'd wager it's a TN panel.



I would pick up three of them if they were full HD and not 1080P. I went back to 1920 X 1200 and will never go back to 1080P screens. Also, is it a glossy screen? If so that would be one more nail in the coffin. Looking at the picture the bezil seems a little wide but that might just be the view angle.



?? 1920*1080 is officially "full HD"

1920*1200 is nice, but it's nothing compared to the 4k screens we should have.

1920*X = "yawn, been there, done that. ~2 million pixels is child's play for my graphics card in all but the most demanding modern games"



I really wish they'd make a thin 120Hz screen like this for that price so I could pick up 3 of them.



DVI or Display port would of been nice but can't beat that price



Yeah, $200 is a very fair price for a monitor in the "Mid-large" class. And frankly, having grown up in the CRT era, the slimness of a flat panel is pretty low on my list of wants compared to things like color reproduction, rendering speed, a stand with tilt spin and/or rotate, etc. I would like to see a USB hub on-board though on such a broad screen, especially since they did the engineering for a headphone converter, which I can only assume is more complex.



Actually, $199 for this isn't bad at all. I think I paid $160 for my 24" LG 1-2 years ago and it's at a 5ms response time. I've never been a big fan of ViewSonic, in favor of Samsung and LG, but unless something else comes out by the time I want to upgrade... this is a strong contender in my book.



Is it just me or is that a very fair price for this monitor?



Seems like it to me. I paid 190 for my 23" Acer 3 years ago. 1080p, hdmi, vga, and dvi, but no audio pass-through (which is brutal), and that was on sale.

If only we could get monitors with substantially superior resolution at a price that mere tech mortals can afford.

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