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Viewsonic used to make solid displays. I say USED TO, because as of late I have had nothing but trouble with them. My company buys nothing but viewsonic, and over the last couple years our displays dont seem to last more than 6-9 months. I would say we have nearly 1 display a week crapping out on us. Most of these are 19" and 21" monitors. The 23" widescreen I am using now has horrible picture quality. Anthing but the default resolution is unuseable, and the image is totaly inconsistent at the default resolution. Some areas of the screen are crisp and clear while others apear blurred. We bought 10 of these things for our marketing department and they sit in the stock room because noone will use them. I'm really disapointed with the direction viewsonic has gone in the past few years and refuse to buy any of their products for personal use. If I could only get the person here that is in charge of purchasing to switch vendors, the world would be a better place, well... my world atleast. :P

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