ViewSonic's New Graphics and Pro Series LCDs to Don DisplayPort Interface



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Right now, this seems to be the best value for people looking for a 27" monitor with DisplayPort. It just appeared on Newegg and I'm waiting to get a little cash together to buy it. There are some pricier Samsung models that have similar features, but those are 3D monitors and I have no desire to pay for that feature.

I am searching all over for a review of this monitor, but so far I have yet to find one. I might just go ahead and take a chance on this one. Worst case scenario, I return it to Newegg and stick with my older 24" Dell LCD.



I run a Dell U2410 that sleeps when I attach it to my laptop via DisplayPort. It runs fine with a DVI cable+DVI-DP dongle. The original DP cable was included with the monitor but it's not much use.

I have an HPzr30W at home that runs fine from the same laptop at 2560x1600 with the HP included cable. YMMV with DP.

Agreed - 1080p res is nothing to get too excited about. If that 3000 contrast ratio is even close, it might be. Dynamic contrast ratio could be a million billion and I wouldn't give it much consideration.



I'm thoroughly sick of 1920x1080 resolution.  When the hail is 2560x1600 going to become the standard. 

1920x1080 is so frigging small, it's like trying to paint a billboard through a pinhole.  I do a lot of things graphically that require tremendously more pixels than the pissant HD standard, and tiling 4 or 6 monitors is tolerable but the bezels are annoying as hail.

Samsung, CTL, Asus, and all you cheezy monitor makers, get outta the stone age and join Apple with a minimally tolerable 2560x1600 resolution.  I'd ideally prefer 10,000x8,000, but I know that wont be here for a while.



If graphics cards have displayport, the cable is included, and there is support 120hz with no adapters for 120hz monitors, then that's great. If not, it just some random standard that only Mac users can make use of.



1920x1080 has not been impressive since about 2001. Compared to the 30' im getting this xmass season 1080 is basically a thumb nail. I dont like doing gfx on  thumbnails but its ok as a secondary display. DP or DVI makes no diff what so ever its still a small resolution.



Darnnit ViewSonic why don't you have an option for HDMI!!!



DisplayPort, or any other format, will never overtake anything unless the cable is included in the box with new monitors and PCs. I don't even know anyone besides myself her who has even HEARD of DisplayPort

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