ViewSonic to Unveil Dual-boot Tablet at IFA 2010



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Comparing the old Viewsonic tablet with the newer one is like apples to oranges, LOL.  Suggest that the new Viewsonic tablet will work well for most appraisal work since it will not likely have an appropriate outdoor screen.  Hoping the NI Adam with 3Qi screen satisfies.  Wish more manufacturers would adopt this technology.  Mobile devices should be able to be conveniently used in an outdoor environment...



I love the dual boot tablet, hope the 7 inch version is 720p and not 480(720compatible).  Also curious how windows 7 would take advantage of the android standard buttons, home, back, and what not.



I've actually used a ViewSonic tablet PC running Windows XP.  It was abysmally slow and weighed more than my EEE PC 900 netbook.  I tried using it for my job (appraising real property) but it was just too much of a hassle and really too heavy for the task.  This was a machine that is easily 5-7 years old, however, so I'm not saying the new ViewSonic tablets would be a turd.  I look forward to seeing what the new Windows-based tablets are capable of!



Dual Boot sounds awsome, I have an Ipad and wish I could get the full PC usage with a windows.


I also own a Droid(rooted Froyo) would be comfortable running both those OS's

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