ViewSonic Thinks the World Needs More Netbooks



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 I don't think he meant stupid netbooks. I think he meant stupid as in "super crazy [stupid] popular". I read it the wrong way the first time too.

 I like viewsonic. They're not always the best or cutting edge, but they're always good for their budget, and my old CRT's are still beautiful, and rather color accurate.

I like the link pc but it might be too expensive for what's in it. I wish someone would release a custom kit for manking machines like this. I would rather buy 4 of these at $120 with 1/5th the power than one at 500. I'd just populate the house with them.

THIS is an unexplored market.(any manufacturers reading can send royalties, gift certificates, MaxPC complementary subscriptions to me at their discretion... man I give too many good ideas away).


"There's no time like the future."



how are netbooks stupid??? ppl need to carry a computer with them, and if they already have a good enough home pc, a netbook is perfect. its small cheap and simple. Youre not likely to be doing anything that intensive on the road, and if you will then spend the extra 400$ on a regular laptop.

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