ViewSonic Launches Enthusiast Grade 1080p Projector



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The viewsonic website states "Integrated closed captioning decoder for the hearing impaired"

That is not a controller. Are you trying to avoid plagarism lawsuit? LOL. Decoder is more accurate.

I am happy to see that viewsonic includes this. However, I dont really see how it could be used.

1. There is no TV Cable input. So, what will it caption?

2. HDMI blocks all line 21 code (CC stream). So, without input CC stream, what will it caption?

3. Compoment Cable CAN carry CC stream, however it tends to be at 480p or above which CC will not work. It has to be at 480i - so save your money and go with Composite cables.

4. Composite Cable will allow CC stream. So this is good for DVDs at 480i. But no blu-rays, see #1

5. The picture shows USB input (The user manual states it is for firmware updates). So, no captioning from recorded TVs and other shows on HDD.

6. If connected to the computer, computer software will do all the CC decoding.

Only use I see with CC decoder is for Composite cable input. While I appreicate the fact of including it as per the legalistion set forward in 1992 I believe, I am disappointed it cannot be applied to mullti-source inputs. 

I want to see this CC decoder on Blu-Ray players! So we can enjoy upconverting to 1080p with our old DVD movies which only has CC and no subtitles. Currently we have to use the composite if we want to view CC.



If the projector actually has a measurable contrast ratio then it's not really an enthusiast projector.  Enthusiast projectors usually cost 50 to 150K.

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