ViewSonic Launches 27-inch VX2703mh-LED Monitor



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Ugh, one more "low res" 1080P TV without a tuner renamed a monitor. No thanks.
It's not just the lower resolution but the aspect ratio sucks compared to 1920 X 1200 or more.



Just what the world needs, another cheap 27" screen. No thanks ViewSonic.



Display Port should be standard by now. Get off the Pot Monitor Manufacturers.



Standards change very slowly and there is a lot to take into consideration. HDMI still isn't standard on every HD tv. Many still use Component with digital audio input for lower models. Even VGA is still present on many models. Sometimes we advance so quickly that it's not wise to change the standard when a new 'standard' could be looming 2-3 years around the corner.



ViewSonic could give these monitors away for free, and I would not take them. They need to address their quality issues as I purchased four 28" VA2431wm LCD screens less than 4 years ago, and three of them have already died (3 year warranty). If it is not Asus, Planar, Samsung or Dell I am not purchasing it as they are not made to last anymore, which is to bad considering the premium price you pay for something like this.



"1080 p on a 27" screen looks terrible"...
Really? My 'main' tv is a 27"CRT old style. I use over the air antenna to pick up local HD channels. Looks clear and fine to me.
Maybe you have too high of standards or just don't understand how resolution works?
1080p is plenty enough to saturate a 27" screen for a great quality picture. 1080p on a 52" was lacking some due to the resolution being less fit for such a large screen. With the new higher resolution standards coming out, that will change. Really though, would you say a 19" at 720p is "terrible" too?
Basis for my thoughts... I was an electronics salesman concentrating mainly on TV sales in a highly trained store. Being commissioned at 100%, I had to know my stuff and deal honestly to keep my consumer base. Sorry for the rant... people here by now should notice I get wordy.

As for this monitor in particular, I would get it depending on price. 27" feels like it could be the sweet spot for my gaming, without going multi-monitor setup. In particular, I like the 3ms gtg response time. This should make for less blur on fast moving scenes, both in movies, and gaming. The contast ration, not really worth mentioning as there is still no standard and most are inflated figures for marketing only. Once some reviews come out on this, I'd make a final decision, but so far this looks like a very good option.



No, it depends on how far away you are. 1080p is fine for a 1000" screen if you are far enough away. The problem is being 2' from a computer monitor vs 8' from a TV. 1080p 27" monitor will have clearly defined pixels from 2' away



I too have an SD TV as my "main" TV still. 32 inches of RCA goodness, and FiOS looks pretty sharp when displayed via composite cabling. There's even a noticeable improvement when watching HD versions of SD stations.

That said, it pales in comparison to a Full HD TV, obviously in text and in color distortion.

When I use my 47" LG HDTV, it looks even sharper on HD material, but when I hook up my laptop or phone, at 47" text looks blurry and blocky with only 1920*1080 pixels to display it at that size.

720 is much too low in a consumer monitor of any sort; I have 6+ year old 4:3 LCDs with technically higher resolution.



Yeah had to create an account to agree. 1080p is fine even past 30 inches.



Not for a computer monitor, which you would sit much closer to than a TV, unless you really just want to screw up your eyes.

1080p shouldn't be standard for something larger than 25"; 2560x1440 would be nice, given that it is the standard maximum resolution per display of most video cards. Scaling 1080p from a 20" screen to a 30" screen, the 30" screen will obviously be less clear. In general, individual pixels should not be clearly visible at normal viewing distance, and the pixels on a 1080p 30" screen are easy to pick out from 1-2 feet away.



Looks like advertising...

Besides, 1080p on a 27" screen looks terrible.



It is advertising,like most of Paul Lilly posts

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