ViewSonic Europe Unveils New Range of LED Monitors



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I don't like 16:9 monitors but IMO 2560*1600 is too demanding a resolution for most hardware and is totally overkill on anything less than 30".


I wish IPS monitors would come down in price.



I agree with Holly. 1080p monitors are toys, TV's without a tuner. The rigs I build use three 24" monitors in surround. Three 1080p monitors are just too narrow. In fact one 1080p looks like it is only good for one thing, watching movies.

How about some new 1920 X 1200 24" monitors and without those crappy glossy reflective screens?


Holly Golightly

This is a great decision made by NEC, but they need to make resolutions higher than 1080p. Come people, TVs are not needed at schools and businesses. Ideally anything 16x10 will give more viewing space, making it ideal businesses and schools. I would like to see more 2560x1600 monitors. Lets compete on the technical side of things.

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