VIDEO: Upcoming Kinect Support for Skyrim Will Feature Over 200 Voice Commands



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Wtf, first, why couldn't we use Kinect for PC? #2 even if we cannot use Kinect, why not use another software to do the job? Any serious gamer have a headset/microphone!

I am jealous of consoles! I never thought this could happen in my life!



I'm still waiting for it to go on sale. Who wants to pay %60 for a digital copy of the game? Not me. PC is better for that game anyway.



Falling off a cliff: You: Quickload! Kinect: Quicksaved You: NO! Quickload! Kinect: Quickloaded SPLAT!



A bit disappointed, but seeing that the Kinect for Windows is fairly new (not to mention pricey) I can understand why they are releasing it for Xbox only. Until there's many games with PC Kinect support I can't justify spending $250 for it.


Big Hoss

I think it might be fun to use voice commands, but PC gamers already have mics. Why not just build it to utilize the mic? I can't imagine sitting in front of my pc and doing motion control, which seems to be the main benefit of Kinect. Why not use the mic? Any ideas?



Someone once said that there is $100,000 worth of dedicated hardware built into a $150 device. Kinect is a very sophisticated box with a lot of discrimination software with positional mics and cameras to prevent accidental gestures and odd noises to be interpreted as a command. It that software/hardware discrimination punch that does the magic, not just a microphone.



It may be because the kinect device handles some of the input processing for the system. I don't know for sure, but if the Kinect itself handles the voice recognition processing, then it would be because they didn't design Skyrim to do "true" voice recognition.
If Skyrim just accepts pre-formatted inputs from the Kinect, then it makes sense why you wouldn't be able to just hook up a mic and use that. I would think that if that were the case, it wouldn't be limited to Kinect, you would be able to issue voice commands using the headset as well. So it is probably that the Kinect is processing the voice input.
That being said, I really don't know why they couldn't impliment this on the Kinect for PC. I would assume that it does the same thing, but maybe it does voice input differently.



This is what I was thinking. Seems to me the mechanics of the voice commands could be easily ported over to the PC to be used with a standard PC mic.




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