Video Hands On: Yamaha Tenori-On



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While I agree that this is more MaximumTech than MaximumPC it is nice to see something MIDI related on this site.

On the podcast a while ago they where thinking of building a few PCs that are suited for various tasks like a video editing machine, or something specific to graphics work etc.

It would be nice if someone who was actually a musician could build a proper music making machine for Maximum PC focusing on price, quietness of parts and most importantly stability and low latency with parts that are known to work in Windows 7 64bit and all the various software electronic musicians use. Drivers are so often the biggest point of frustration when people try and build their own audio production PCs.
Open Labs, for example, make keyboards that are actually self contained music production machines and the newest ones run Win7 so it is possible to build a nice stable Windows machine for running virtual instruments and recording.



Nice video Amber. I don't usually follow music tech but this was well executed and informative. Thank you.



I thought this was maximum PC, Not dumb japanese musical instrument tech rag, man this site has gone down hill.  Only thing that could help is if amber was wearing a low cut shirt or a bikini



Way to prove how much of an idiot you are. While the site says MaximumPC, they post articles from their other publications. This one is obviously from MaximumTech. If you don't care about the tech articles then skip them.

MPC, while I enjoy your tech articles, you really need to find a way to mark them as such so that we don't have to see these crybaby posts about how they wasted 60 seconds of their life. Possibly use # commands like engadget uses to filter articles.



Or the video if you don't want to read or view it.  Problem Solved!



It says this is a private video... can't view it.

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