Video: Android Port for iPad, iPhone 4 Not Far Off



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This is mostly ego driven

Apple : This is our stuff. Even though you purchased it, it still belongs to us and we'll tell you what you can run on it.

Hackers : We'll take your stuff and run whatever we want to on them and you can't stop us. Ha Ha.

Apple : We'll put in software, hardware and firmware that will blow up your I-thing if you try to run software we don't approve of.  

Hackers: We'll find ways to get around your software/hardware/firmware blocks and STILL run whatever we want on your I-devices. Kiss our @$$s Apple, HA HA!

Apple : Damn You, Hackers!




This seems like a nice stunt but whoever wants a tablet with Android will probably save the money and problems by buying a less expensive tablet that already has Android running such as the Archos 101 which is supposed to be out within a few days for 299$. 

I mean, at this price it features HDMI out and a SDHC slot, two things missing badly on iOS devices.

And, why the generic mediocre pop music on their video? wouldn't that be more useful if they commented on what they were doing?

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