VIA's Newest PC Fits in Palm of Your Hand



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Yep, that's just about a whole PC.  If you like that I have a car to sell you, just needs an engine, 4 tires, driver's seat and a steering wheel.  Other than that you're all set.  Oh, BTW, it's a diesel.  $3000 OBO



I can't get the store to load either. Meh. Oh well. :(



Binkie van Es , netherlands antilles

As said before , this makes perfect little media center and to get internet on the tv, add wireless keyboard and mouse and you are all set , Only the website won't open, guess i will not be one of the first 10.

ps after outfitting the tv with one, I am already thinking of a second one in the kitchen



 Add in an SSD, USB WLAN Adapter, and a USB Blu-Ray drive and you've got yourself a very tiny Media Centre extender... Oh, add a USB TV Tuner and you've got the smallest HTPC around!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-


Keith E. Whisman

Finally 10years later a PC manufacturer has produced a competing device to go up against the Mac Mini.

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