VIA's Nano Takes on the Atom



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an ultra low power cpu wont seem as attractive if they make intels mistake and pair it with just some standard chipset. chipsets actually designed for atom netbooks (that dont take up twice the power as the cpu) are coming soon and so are dual-core atoms.....i like to cheer the underdog but i cant see them taking on intel in a really major way here

why did they compare the performance per watt to just a celeron and not the atom???



I remember reading about the Nano way before the Atom, yet all I hear nowadays is about the Atom processor. The fact that the Nano outpaces the Atom secures my theory. It has everything to do with the size of Intel versus the size of VIA.

 As soon as they have a dual core Nano, I'm all over it!!!!



you won't hear anything about the Nano at all. Once again speed and power will grab the headlines.


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I have a ton of respect for what VIA is doing, but I think it's ultimately a futile move. Intel has such momentum in the market and in resources, they could probably have a faster Atom processor in a matter of months. I personnally think that Intel learned it's lesson from the Athlon series, and I doubt they will let VIA make much of a dent.



Yup VIA deserve a chance especailly it is also lower power consumption and now been tested way faster by the margin as metioned in the news.



I think that Intel's marketing agents would agree that these product are all about low power consumption. So the deciding factors (in order of importance) are: 1) power consumption and THEN 2) performance.

So... DOES the Nano consume more/less power than the Atom?

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