Viacom Tells Cablevision to Stop Streaming TV Too



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I wonder if Cablevision Customers are going to have to get used to dropping channels again like Time Warner did. Hooking up to just one Wi-Fi connection for the life time of Cablevisions app is pretty crappy and the fact that you cannot take your iPad out side of your home is even worse. I would rather have TV everywhere with DISH Network where you can watch live TV and DVR content just like you do at home and a number of mobile device and you don’t have to worry about any conflicts and the possibility of losing channels you were promised. I have DISH's 922 DVR and as a perk of working for the company I got to try out TV everywhere got to use the Sling adapter for 30 days to see how well this works and I can honestly tell you DISH Network did not disappoint and provides there customers with a free app called DISH Remote Access. Come and check this out



"Programmers are paid based on how many homes we securely connect to their content, not how many televisions display it."

Odd how the cable companies disagree with this concept when I try to split my cable signal to watch TV in the bedroom.





I think Viacom needs to go fuck itself.



And the rest of RIAA and corp America that's totally screwing the consumer. Nickel and Diming us to death. screw 'em. They have their head's on backwards and yes, eventually will bite 'em. hopefully sooner then later. But not if Obama has anything to say about it.. Corp butt-kisser..



Obama is a republican.

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