Viacom Seeks Appeal of YouTube Verdict



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" was revealed that Viacom employees were instructed to surreptitiously upload copyrighted content to YouTube in the early days..."

This is why no one trust big media corporations.  The've rotten and malicious, all working under the principles of greed.  The worst part is, they have such a grip in our governments and have their lobbyists push for laws for 'changes'.

Rotten, Greedy, Bastards!





Tbh, I think Viacom needs to sit the **** down and shut the **** up. Once this crap gets started again Youtube is liable to go nuts removing videos that may not even be against TOS. I think the most this whole ordeal is going to accomplish is wasted money on Viacom's end.



Sorry, but you're not losing money to someone who goes to YouTube to watch a clip from a TV show or movie. You're just pissing people off.

I'm a big music fan and a lot of great live performances are on late night TV. A lot of the time I can't watch them because they get yanked by the TV studio or they're marked as not viewable in my region.

I mean, this isn't even about that... this is about somehow making YouTube stop users posting infringing videos before they even do so. I get angry when I think about how many people just don't get it.

I feel like nothing has changed in 15 years, since Fox demanded fans stop making X-Files fan pages(which back then, accounted for the remaining 20% of the internet that wasn't porn!)



Is Viacom a subsidiary of Rambus?




Go **** yourself.


And MaximumPC, i see you must be in the poorhouse since we are now seeing ads between articles rather than just on the page (a la IGN). I am fine with this but could you please ditch the CAPTCHA filter in favor of something that works?

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