Viacom Pulls Streams of "The Daily Show" and Others Offline Following DirecTV Spat



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There's Viacom, startin' shit again.



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Shadow Death

This is no surprise. This stuff happens all the time and most of the time it's the company that owns the channels and not the provider. Back in the day Fox wanted to sell their channels as a bundled package. Fox News, Fox's sports channels, Fox 44, etc. Dish Network refused so Fox pulled those channels instantly. It's hard for younger generations to grow up when the older generation won't do it themselves.



Comedy Central, Logo, BET, Spike, TV Land, Nick@Nite, Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nick Jr., MTV, VH1, MTV2, Tr3́s, CMT, Palladia.

Out of all of these the only one I will miss is Comedy Central and that is only for Tosh.O. As eugovector pointed out. Here comes Torrents.

All the rest of these channels blows dick.



I too only watch tosh.o on comedy central...the others I don't miss. Nick my son mentioned but then didn't really care about much since he rarely watches it. Viacom is only hurting themselves.



I wish the Daily Show and Colbert were on Netflix. Those are the only 2 shows from Viacom that I watch on their websites.



Oh well, back to the torrents.



Or, better yet, the newsgroups



Time-Warner just yanked ABC off it's lineup.



This is why I don't have cable or satellite any more. Even if the cable companies weren't robbing us blind with their sanctioned monopolies in most areas, the content mega-corps (Viacom especially) are always twisting the screws on the providers to give them more money.

I could go on a rant about how screwed up it is that posting consistently high profits isn't good enough, but that profits have to rise every quarter instead. Instead, I'll just say what many have said recently: Content providers need to wake up to the modern reality. Serve us good content in high def a fair price, with full catalog and a la carte options, few or no commercials when it's paid, without DRM, and convenient delivery options (streaming or download). Until they do, they can't have my money.

If that means getting the content through less honest channels, fine. If it means not getting that content at all, that's fine, too. I'll find something else. Until they treat me like a customer, and not a product, I am a lost sale. If they wait too long, I'm lost for good. Getting it for free will be too ingrained in me, and there will be even more creator content online like Revision3 and Geek & Sundry.


John Pombrio

Soo, DirecTV should pay for a Netflix streaming account for all of its customers. It would be cheaper than getting the stuff directly from the providers. Imagine a STREAMING box from a Cable TV company...



What happens to the DirecTV customers who don't have high-speed internet access?

I'm glad that I ditched DirecTV years ago, but I have a fondness for it still as it was my introduction to the DVR.


Brad Chacos

Dish Network started handing out free Rokus a couple of days back after customers complained when AMC's stations were pulled following similar demands for a pay increase.



Thanks mucho, I passed this on to the Breaking Bad forum on . . .

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