Version Numbers And Rapid Releases Here To Stay For Firefox



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android phones

Ver 3.6 is fine with me.

HTML5 isn't coming for a long time...




Mighty BOB!

Pluses outweigh the minuses? Bullshit. So he's saying that suddenly having ESSENTIAL functionality of your browser cease to function is outweighed by having the page load 1 second faster? I absolutely cannot use stock Firefox and some of my extensions are not rated to run on anything higher than 3.6.x. They are absolutely mandatory for my browsing experience and I will not update without them.



I hate FF 6.0. It stutters on when scrolling through pages and in Flash when it's opened for an hour or two. This wasn't a problem in FF 5 or 4. What gives Mozilla!



I was originally concerned about add-on compatibility when I heard about the rapid release schedule, but now I don't believe it is going to be that big a problem.  Firefox allows people to download the betas and even alphas (I think they term it as Aurora) of their future Firefox versions so developers have plenty of time to work out compatibility issues.  Also, I've noticed that a lot of add-ons are already compatible with future releases.  I've seen some that they would work with version 8 of Firefox.

If I remember correctly, with this rapid release schedule the differences between each version is not going to be as massive as they were in the past.  If this is the case, I would assume that there would be fewer problems the add-on developers would have to deal with at one time.  They would have an easier time fixing the add-ons to work with each vesion, especially considering the available alphas and betas.



I haven't had any trouble with upgrades and extension compatibility. Then again, I'm only using extensions that get a lot of support and are constantly being upgraded. I can't see the logic of wanting to keep your browser from being updated because your extensions aren't being updated. That seems like clinging onto XP for dear life because there isn't an update to make Sim Tower work in Windows 7.


Note: I have no idea if Sim Tower works in WIndows 7.



That seems like as good a reason as any to stick with XP.



(sorry, double reply)




Agreed. 3.6 works just fine. When CSS3 and HTML5 become an official standard, then I'll look into a newer browser.

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