Verizon won the Battle, but AT&T Still Wants to Win the War



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Once AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity the REAL competition will begin.



Its funny how the maximum pc guys always make a smart a** comment about att.



 Can't we all just.... get along? </Jack Nicholson - Mars Attacks>


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



I wish it was that easy to add towers. The biggest problem all the cell companies are having, is that the cities will not allow them to put more towers in. The various councils say they detract from the look of their city. I doubt most people even know that their elected officials are denying the companies to install them.



Booo!  Where's the entertainment factor?  I laughed my ass off when I saw the island of misfit toys commercial; mainly because it looked like a bad Robot Chicken skit.  I had high hopes for this ad battle, but AT&T went the boring route - they should've hired someone who's actually funny.


Please deposit your pride, life, and other garbage in the receptacles at the back of the theater before you leave. Thanks!



I have a Verizon BlackBerry for work and an AT&T personal cell phone. In my area both devices work about the same. Both offer good customer service too so for me it's a wash.



A couple of problems with the "they should just build more towers instead" argument.

First, they already claim that they have invested more than any other company in broadband. Second, they claim their 3G coverages encompases 3/4 of the population, even if it is less than 1/4 of the landmass.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



UGH SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!! im sick of these mac v pc style ads everywhere. what happened to advertising your product dumbass? Tech Spec numbers dont matter if the tech doesnt do a damn thing. 


On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. Chuck Palahniuk, FIght Club.

 Intel Q6600@3.2


Nvidia8800GTS 640MB




Really tired of the "don't buy our competition's product" ads. Sell me on the merits of your product.



Please DIGG this article!!

I have AT&T now. I am NOT happy with them at all. Their coverage SUCKS here in lower, Eastern Alabama. It's just plain spotty all over AL, GA and FL. I get dropped calls, texts sometimes 48 hours after the person sent it. Hell, I got a text from my mother six days AFTER she died. WTF AT&T? Indeed, this marketing war is costing AT&T a LOT of $$$. And that $$$ should go into more cell towers. If AT&T were half as dedicated to increasing their coverage as they are to fighting this marketing war with Verizon, this topic wouldn't even need posting. 

I can't wait till my contract ends next year. I will NOT be going with AT&T again. 

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Still trying to figure out what all the fuss is about. In my area, AT&T's coverage is way better than Verizon's. Oddly enough the company I work for just switched from Verizon ( they had been with Alltel until the takeover) to AT&T. Maybe it all depends on where you live. 



lol OF COURSE it "all depends on where you live"



Ahh marketing. They are going to "prove it" by downloading a copy of Luke on both networks. Never mind that since that is impossible it doesn't prove a damn thing. Marketing, just another word for damn lies.

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