Verizon Wireless Reveals Semi-Hidden High End Shared Data Plans



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All I have to say is THANK YOU Page Plus !



I just pay $45 a month for straight talk, have an iPhone, I can talk and text and look at stuff on the Internet when I want. I'd rather pay extra for the home Internet connection than my cell phone. I don't understand why all you people pay all this money for cell phone data plans lol...whoo hoo your phone downloads at 1mb per second, now get the fuck out of my way so I can order my coffee, hipster.



Where I live you either have Verizon or nothing, I'm on the last half of a contract that gives me unlimited data for $30.00. But when that runs out Verizon says all non contract customers will be switched to their new share plan




has unlimited data
I have 4 smart phones on my plan, unlimited data
nights an weekends free
all incoming calls free
all mobile to mobile calls free
and we share 2500 any time minutes for
the last 4 people on earth that do not have a cell phone
that we may have to call



Where I live Sprint never gets any faster than 500Kbps speed. So yeah it may be "unlimited" but its pretty pointless. I get at the very least 10Mbps with Verizon LTE here.



Why would they think any customer would want to spend any amount of time trying to decide between these "tiered" plans? I'll stay on my new LTE "unlimited everything" plan with my current carrier.



I pay $180 for 2 lines(I actually have 3 but let's not even count the tablet)

I already have Unlimited Txt.....and dont even come close to using the 1400 minutes every month.

If I switched to the "Share Everything" plan my bill would be $270 BEFORE taxes and the various other service fees and surcharges. No thanks.

By the way, why is it called "Share Everything" when the only thing that is shared is data?



What you all seem to be neglecting to mention is the fact that the $30 - $40 a month service charge is actually paying for the UNLIMITED MINUTES AND TEXT!!!

I just switched last week from having 2 smart phones with unlimited data and a basic phone with no data to 2 smart phones and a basic with 6gb of data... It saved me a whopping $0.35 a month but now I get unlimited talk and when you're running a business from a cell phone with 2000 minutes v.s. unlimited minutes it makes a hell of a difference.

What you guys are also complaining about is the fact that when you finally upgrade from that 3g phone to a 4g your old unlimited data plan simply wont work anymore.

Simply stated take advantage of the UNLIMITED TALK!!! Get your money's worth and stop complaining so much online... use your phone instead!!!



High End?!

I get 20gb for 30$/month already. This is not high end. This is rape.



What a joke. These clowns are so greedy that it makes me want to throw up. They nickle and dime you for everything they possibly can. There is simply no reason to charge me for data use AND a per-device fee. The latter is simply unjustified.

Verizon's tactic in not showing their hand on the larger data plans was no doubt to see what AT&T would charge so that they could try and undercut AT&T's prices. Fairly intelligent, but they can drop the coy act.

It's little wonder any of these vendors don't have the confidence and trust of their customers, myself included.


John Pombrio

Heh, I have their pamphlet here on my desk. Verizon is charging $40/month for EACH smartphone on the plan. Three phones in my house is $120, $30/month more than three unsmart phones and no data plan. Add $70/month for 4GB and I am up to $190/month PLUS the cost of the new phones! Forget that!



I have 2 smart & 2 Dumb phones My bill would go up $80 if I switched - I wanted to get smart phones for the kids and share data & minutes but not for an additional $80. They have to wait and keep looking for free wifi for their tablets!



Same here. Verizon's shared data plan is vastly more expensive than my current setup with them. Right now, I hold the only smartphone on the plan with a data cap (4 gb) and I'll live within that as all the other smartphones on the plan still have unlimited data.

Of course, everyone else on the plan decided that iPhones were "cooler" than their 4g Android phones, so they downgraded to the 3g iPhones. What a waste of unlimited data :(

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