Verizon Vehemently Against Wireless Net Neutrality



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Deregulating the phone companies allowed a lot of innovation but ensured a lot of price gouging.  When telephony was a regulated monopoly, everybody got the service they paid for, but everybody got it.  Like the deregulated power utilities, however, there is again the opportunity for price gouging, market failure through monopoly/oligopoly, and other abuses of consumers.  Once the broken up baby Bells started getting back together,they immediately began colluding to control and manage the pricing structure for phone, wireless, cable, and data.  That is what greedy Ivan is concerned about-the fear is having real competitive markets in the US.  In Europe and Asia they have much higher speeds, more bandwidth, and lower prices, because they have tightly regulated markets or government monopolies. Corporations have to work harder to prove they are working towards the public good in those environments.

Governments are the only hope of consumer citizens against corporations.  Only where governments have been captured by corporations or families are the actions of governments typically against the interests of the public.



Agree 100%



In my experience, any action the government does has the opposite intention.



Whether the wireless carriers get an exemption or not, none of this is going to matter in 10 years when mobile phone networks are obsolete.



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Verizon is upset that they didn't get a chance to really screw their customers before the government told them they couldn't.


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Verizon Vehemently Against Customers.





sounds like a bad cold

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