Verizon Turns High Speed DSL Dial to 15Mbps



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it allows a company to plan ahead, it helps to know how much money your going to make in the next two years, lets you plan business and make addons, knowing you can actaully afford it and not have to worry about customers ditching.


of course as you said, being a good company does that as well, but if i was a ceo i wouldnt bet shit on that.



Why is everything going over to two year contracts?  I'll give you a year if your service sucks then I want to be able to move on, if your service is good and I have no reason to leave then I'll renew for another year.



If the service is good, there wouldn't need to be any contracts at all. Or, for that matter, introductory rates and other stuff like that. It's just an easy out for companies that allows them to rake in cash without having to worry as much about actually remaining a viable competitor in the market.

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