Verizon in Talks to End AT&T's iPhone Monopoly



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Just like AT&T did, many years ago.....(cover the U.S. with copper lines) Verizon is now doing with fiber.  I know this topic is about wireless, but here's the rub:  When Verizon finishes covering the U.S. with fiber.....they will have the market share in ALL the various communication industries, because they will have the money!  Once they have the landline comms locked down.....they will be able to out bid anyone for wireless licenses/contracts whatever.

Welcome to the new can just call it Verizon  :)

P.S.  for $69.99 / month (cheaper with package deals) I can DL Open Office in 34 seconds  :D


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



I have a verison plan now, and where i live, at*t doesnt get service.  I'm usually not a fan of apple, but i bought a ipod touch and i've never had anything better. If i could have iphone instead, that would be so sweet



I hope this is true!  Heck, I'd dump my CrackBerry Storm in one min to grab this thing!  Even though I'm not a fan of Apple products (I've had bad itunes/ipod experiences) you can't beat the iPhone on Verison.  Though I'd rather have the Andriod.



hopefully verizon doesn't reduce the RAM and processor speed like they did to the HTC touch diamond and touch pro. if they do, i'm not buying a verizon iphone.



Finally, AT&T sucks worse than a than the original Phenom in terms of coverage area. Verizon is Number ONE (1) when it comes to coverage area. Now I just might buy an iPhone.



What are speeds like on CDMA in comparison to Edge and 3G?  I don't know how viable the iPhone would be on a slower network than what is on AT&T.



wow, habuza....don't be afraid to tell us how you really feel.

I'm not a Mac fanboy by any stretch of the imagination (and I'm defintiely NOT a hipster), but the iPhone is seriously the best smartphone I've ever used.  I really hope this rumor is true, because I'll jump right back over to verizon, since my whole family is on VZW



Can you hear me now?



Are overpriced pieces of shit that hipsters use. MAC products = overpriced proprietary CRAP.



Thanks for that insightful comment on the telecommunications industry.

One of the reasons I stopped subscribing to MPC is because the level of commentary and readership seems to be about K12 level now. Even basic tech geeks know that Mac is not upper case. It's not an acronym.

MPC should change their slogan to "Maximum PC, Minimum IQ."



Need I say more? My dad had to deal with their retarded billing department, on a different issue entirely.

I have little interest in the iPhone, but I am sticking with at&t.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.

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