Verizon Rolls Out Lower Cost RAZR with Less Storage



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Motorola can keep churning out new phones, I won't be purchasing any more Motorola products. Since they announced the unlocking of boot loaders and have since reneged on it, I and many others have been petitioning them to come clean on their promise.

So far, after hundreds of emails and thousands of signatures on petitions, there has been no response from Motorola.

So, at this point, I have already let them know that I will not be purchasing any more Motorola products and that I will be informing other potential people I know to stay away from them as well.

HTC has unlocked their boot loaders in the United States and for phones that are on Verizon, so Motorola's excuse that Verizon won't allow it is nothing but lies.



I think one of the biggest problems with the Razr is the non-removable battery. 4G LTE sucks up a ton of power. If I am out for a while with no place to plug in, I have no backup. This happens even more than I thought it would. For that reason, I still went with the lower spec Bionic. My holster for it actually has a space where I can keep a spare battery so it is no additional hassle to carry it around. This was not a feature of the holster, I just made it happen with a little creativity.

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