Verizon Rolls Out 150Mpbs Downstream, 35Mbps Upstream FiOS Internet Service



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I'm very happy.  I had 25Mb/15Mb, but moved to a new place, and downgraded to 15Mb/5Mb for fixed $54.99 every single month.  The router kind of sucks though.



Is this available in four places now, or just the original three?

This is the Duke Nukem Forever of broadband - I remember reading about it in boot, back when most of the world was on dialup.  Hell, my town's had Verizon for the last ten years, offering phone and internet service, and no sign of FiOS anywhere. 

Verizon: stop dicking around with how much better your network is than AT&T's, and actually get working on this. 



Really, while more speed is great and all, does anyone really need anything past 10-15 Mbps? Other for some specific business applications, what exactly does a consumer do that requires this kind of bandwidth?

And $200 a month? Well my friend Cee Lo Green has something to say about that...



There's all kinds of applications that could use that kind of bandwidth.  And once more people have it, we can set about figuring out what they are.

The low-hanging fruits are, of course, 1080p streaming video, hosting personal servers for things like blogs, Diaspora, etc., and of course, Bittorrent.  But really, the possibilities are endless.

There were people 10 years ago who figured 56kbps would be just fine and dandy forever.  Now, can you imagine going back to that?



Just like he said, people like to download their movies and music quickly: (legal) torrents are the fastest way to do it (and, yes, they're probably the only time one will use that much downstream with only a quarter the upstream).

I can't help but notice that he has the slow, feature-deprived standard definition STB.



So now there's even faster internet I'll never see.

Wake me when Verizon actually rolls out FIOS nationwide.


Talcum X

Ever hear of "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link"?  Same applies here.  You can have a lightning fast connection, but if you have any bottlenecks along the way, including the speed of the source of the data your DLing, that's your speed, no matter what you connect at.  So the only time you may experiance that kind of speed is when you DL your email.  Wow, that makes it worth the price right there...

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