Verizon Pushes Palm Pre with Price Cuts



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The big thing holding me back from getting a Pre (or the Droid) is the mandatory $30 a month for two years data plan that you are required to get with it (that is on top of the voice plan and text plan). What is the point of saving $100 up front if you pay an extra $720 over the life of the contract? Especially with today's economy, I really can't afford an extra $30 a month, especially for a service that I don't feel I need.

I currently have a Palm Treo 755p from VW and absolutely love it, although it is getting a bit long in the tooth and is rather beat up after being dropped countless times over the last two years. Actually, given the choice between the Pre and the Droid, I'd take the Pre (given my previous experience with Palm). But I don't have a data plan with my current phone, and I don't feel I really need one. I can read books, do word processing and spreadsheets, play (simple) games, sync calendar and contacts with my computer, listen to music, watch video files, and many more activities with my Palm without Internet access, but some of these are tasks that typically can't be done with a "dumb phone.". If I need to add anything to my phone, I download it to my computer and add it during my next sync. I don't see how "smart phone" and "mandatory internet access" became synonomous.

If I were out and about more, I might feel differently, but most of the time I'm either home or at work (both places I have Internet access). When I'm away from those places, it is nice to not be reached by email for a while. "Email from anywhere" is nice, but "email everywhere" would seem to be a bit much.

I guess I'll stick with my trusty Treo until it dies and then go with a dumb phone that doesn't require a data package and lose my books, my word processing, and my spreadsheets.


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Do you need a smart phone at all?  You make the most compelling "I don't need a smart phone at all" argument I've ever read, yet you seem to really want one.  If you have access to the internet at home and work (which I assume means you have access to a computer at both places) maybe you could use a computer for your "books, [your] word processing, and [your] spreadsheets."  The full keyboards and 15+ inch monitors are ideal for those applications.



Verizon probably is running these deals to calm Palm down after Palm shat bricks about how few phones they were selling in the VZW stores. I guess instead of improved marketing techniques, they figure if they just give the phones away and include some of the great features, they can make up for crappy marketing. I hope it works. It's a shame that Palm hasn't been doing well, considering how dynamic and versitile the platform really is.

 That being said, and I love my Palm Pre very dearly, but I've had to replace it about 4 times in the last 10 months because of issues with the touchstone not working with the phone, with the phone freezing up permenantly, with a refurb replacement phone's touchscreen not working straight out of the box, and a host of other issues (mostly software though). I wish Palm's quality were consistent (and consistently good at that). I hate to recommend the phone to people because of quality issues and bugs. Everyone who has a Palm Pre that I know has replaced it >3 times before finding one that worked consistently well :( Can't blame VZW's marketing for that.



I'm not sure that Verizon needs to appease Palm on this one.  It's far more likely that Palm told Verizon to run the deals as the last gasp of a company going under.  Verizon will be just fine without Palm. Palm, on the other hand, will be lucky if they're still around in 2 years.



I too love my Pre.  I've got a Sprint launch model, and so far haven't had to replace it due to any hardware malfunctions.  WebOS in my opinion is the strongest base mobile OS out there, WinMo7 looks interesting, but at the moment out of everything I've tried WebOS is the clear winner for me.  It's just too bad it doesn't get the mass market support that it deserves.


Oh, and the 800mhz overclock patch really helps the Pre to be as snappy as you expect it to be, so I can't wait till something like the Pre2 comes out with a Snapdragon-type cpu in it. 

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