Verizon Pshaws Cablevision's Blazing Fast Broadband



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uh ya wtf. i want those kinds of speeds that would be awesome. does that mean you want us to come storm the castle? i mean he basically just said oh no one is hassling us so it must not be a problem. thats a dumb approach cuz there are people that want that so in effect he just asked them all to come "storm the castle".

 FiOS would be nice..... i live in Canada so I have to deal with Rogers for my cable. they suck too. they just raised everyones prices for internet and tv (and phone too as i recall) while adding caps. anyone else think its retarded to charge us more for getting less?



No I definitely mean 20 MB Up and 5 down. With Cox's "Speedboost" every now and again I can get above 25 but in reality there's virtually nowhere that can utilize those speeds. The fastest I've gotten actual download speed is 4 MB/s from a Microsoft download server.



I would much rather continue to be ripped off by monopolies and pay way to much for low speeds.  The average consumer's self-importance and inability to understand how important it is for these companies to be able to continue to post record profits without needing to put much into upgrading their infrastructures is really disappointing.

Everyone should send Rabe a letter and let him know that we agree: sub-par service at premium prices is what we want and expect!  Let's bend over together!



20Mbs down and 5Mbs up for $50 and you're complaining?! I'm assuming you meant Mbs and not MBs 'cause MBs would be even MORE insane to be complaining about. I get like 7Mbs down and .4 Mbs (maybe .5 not sure) up for $50.


Hmm... weird. That didn't reply where it was supposed to.



I have Time Warner in Charlotte, not much else. You want to talk about crappy, I have the highest speed they offer, 10Mb/s down, 756Kb/s up. I have a WHS and would love to be able to access it from afar, but at 756Kb/s up, if there is a movie on the server I want to see I might as well drive home and get it. I only wish either FIOS would get here soon, or someone would offer some friggin competion. BTW I pay $75 a month for this.



This was a double post. Sorry.


Keith E. Whisman

When it comes to Internet connection speeds here in the US compared to Japan it's almost like we are living on Gilligans Island. Hell that last real competition drove speeds from 1200baud to 56k rather quickly and then only slowly has the speeds ramped up to around 20Mb/s. There is demand it's just that the competition isn't as it used to be and therefore no reason to spend the cash for the performance increases any longer. The demand is there it's just that the competition wars are over leading to monopolies that don't get prosecuted for unfair business practices but that's another story. 

So Eric Rabe why don't you spill the beans and let the cat out of the bag and just recite what I wrote above as being fact. Or are you afraid of the mob mentality to arrive at your mansion with torches and pitchforks? 



I have FIOS 20/5. Other than the 20up I don't have, I don't think I would ever need more down-speed. Most servers anyways don't let you get the true ~2.5MB/s (20Mb/s) that it's capable of.



I have the same package as you and I completely agree with you. You can't truly utilize those speeds unless you are subscribed to premium download servers such as rapidshare or usenet (paid accounts) or do parallel downloads. I do find it comforting that FiOS is capable of faster speeds which they will eventually utilize once there's a need for it or actual competition arises.



Verizon needs to worry about expanding their coverage for FIOS before they make any claims about anything. I live in Virginia Beach, VA and this is the area that has THE largest Naval base in the world and we can't even get FIOS here. I'm stuck with Cox and I pay 50 bucks a month for a 20 MB Down/5MB Up connection.  I'm not overly dissatisfied with my service but the limitations of uber high speeds and cable are really apparent here.



 Really?  THE largest navel base and you can't even get FIOS?  It's almost as if those two things aren't even remotely related.  



It is a pretty important place, alot of those people live off base and I think that the people in the military would deserve decent internet service.



Carroll County, MD is SOL when it comes to anything good. I'm still dealing with crappy DSL for my downloads. Bad service overall (pretty unsatisfied). But what can Verizon do? Oh, give me maybe a free month of Internet. Super! If it worked! I come home to a red light on my modem when it is raining most days.

Where is my FIOS Verizon!? What, you don't think that the street would convert to it? You don't even have to pay me and I'll be your poster child for the neighborhood!





It was nothing to do with the DSL itself - it was the corrosion in the wall sockets. Verizion has a HUGE problem with corrosion in the wiring systems for their phone lines.

 I got them to come in and replace the sockets where you plug the phonline into and got a perfect signal afterwards. Now the signal works even when it rains.

 Only took about 5 trips to the house to get it figured out...



I'm going to have to agree with the previous statement. About $50 a month for about 50Mb bandwidth and 100gb cap would be INSANE! It'd be nice to have an upstream of 5Mb or better, as comcast currently has that limit set around 1.5 for me. Thinking of switching.


If Verizon had a package like that just mentioned, then I definetily would.


Too bad they "Don't want" to listen.



I'd take half of that any day: 50.5Mbps, 49.50$/month and half unlimitted bandwidth (100GB sounds like half of infinite)



amenbecause is "lack of demand" really a excuse for being slower then Japan on the net?

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