Verizon Nips 4G LTE Issue in the Bud



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Some people were having to ride off 3G or even 2G? Such pain to have to deal with. I wish I had that pain yesterday as I had ZERO-G. My phone didn't even drop down to 3G, I just had no data at all. Voice and text worked fine. It didn't break me though. I just listened to music stored on my device rather than hitting up an internet radio station.



AT&T's, T-Mobile's, RIM's, network burps for a few hours and Verizon fanboys go on a tirade over why they've left how they hate AT&T. Likely just the Verizon marketing machine in motion.

Verizon's service level takes a hit, as stated in the article, and you can hear crickets chirp.

We have three lines of service w/Verizon in a rural Wisconsin town. Overpriced, egotistical representation and severely limited WindowsPhone support is pushing me away from Verzon, but they are the only game in town. AT&T won't expand here because of the fractured competition against Verizon, no one is big enough to attack directly.

Solve the problem by APPROVING the T-Mobile merger and the resulting customer base will help justify the expansion. The moment AT&T or T-Mobile (or for that matter, anyone else offering WindowsPhone devices) expand into my area in rural Wisconsin... I will become a former Verizon customer.

It is absolutely stupid to allow Verizon to have such a huge lead. There are large areas where our selection of quality devices is greatly limited by the domination of Verizon. I don't want 45 different version of Android. I want one version of Windows Phone.

There. My rant for the day.



I feel your pain in not having device freedom, but I don't know if trying to make one monster bigger than the other is really going to be any good. Getting a shiny new Windows phone at the cost of reduced vendor choices, decreased competition, and probable layoffs seems a pretty steep cost.

I don't like any cell carrier in the least, but I'd be pretty lost without a smartphone at the same time. I just want there to be enough players in the game left to not have the market stagnate into two big gorillas doing a "you have that side and I'll have this one".



We currently DO have two sides. Verizon and everyone else. AT&T and T-Mobile have abdicated expansion into many rural areas, because on their own it doesn't make sense. Verizon is a mob of many smaller players that coopted into the behemoth it is today. I find it funny how just months after Verizon puts up two new towers in our rural county, on highway department land, the County Board passes an ordinance outlawing any new towers even slightly taller than Verizon's. That's monopolistic company, government corruption at work. I have no problem if the employees of a company cannot weather a merger. I am just a peon in my employers company but I do everything I can to make myself a valuable employee. If I lose my job in a merger that ONLY means that I did not do my job well enough to be retained. Back to my original point. Where are all the crying Verizon customers?



That's an awesome picture for this.  I've seen that episode numerous times.  Nip it, Nip it in the bud!!



The Andy Griffith Show is of my favorite shows of all time, and Don Knotts is (was) just tops.



"perhaps someone tripped over the 4G LTE power cord"

That's probably your best line ever Paul. Made me laugh out loud in my office like a crazy person. 



That may not be far from the truth....because when a 4G LTE outage happens it happens accross the entire nation.


It's like the entire LTE netowrk is run by one server or something.....

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