Verizon May Adopt Limited Data Plans This Month



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Hmm, AT&T raises text message prices, then Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile raise text message prices.  All to 20 cents per message (not sure about Sprint actually).

Then, AT&T switches to limited bandwidth, and so does Verizon.

Does this scream price fixing to anyone else?



Until its official there is really no reason to worry about it.  And there was no hidden cap, unlimited is unlimited, check your my verizon app or my verizon account and its clearly displayed in green bold text.  oh and my verizon app now has a data usage widget for droids.


ive had smartphones and blackberries for several years and have definately exceed 5gb in a month and never been throttled or overages etc.  Smartphone plans were always truly unlimited, its only the datacards and tethering allowances that were capped. check your contract if youre not sure. 


the droid x and palm pre/pixi hotspot features are capped so that may be what some of the talk is about.



No.  It's a price war.  Collusion would be if they were getting together to raise prices to make more money.  At least that's how I understand it.



It's closer to an oligopoly, but until Sprint and T-mobile have official (not soft capped) tiered data plans, it's not truly an oligopoly.



As you drive down the street in most areas the price of any brand of gas is the same or within a penny or two. Not price fixing I guess since they have been doing this for years.



What about the fact that both companies are talking about stopping (or have already stopped) offering unlimited data plans?  No access to unlimited data is a de facto increase in price compared to the previous situation (access to unlimited data).  The fact that the industry as a whole is making this shift - and not for survival reasons, but just to squeeze more $$ from consumers - makes it look dirty to me.



"In the last few months, AT&T and Verizon have both been matching each other's policies. First it was the cheaper unlimited calling plans, then it was the increased ETFs"

Isn't this the definition of collusion? 



I mean I was gonna get a Droid X... at X-mas, but If they're gonna charge $25 a month for only 2gb(and I have no clue how much I'd use). I suppose I just don't need it that bad,or will go to Sprint.Seems like too much for only 2gb of data a month.

Last I checked they reasonable unlimited data now. Sucks too, I've been In for 8 or maybe ten yrs now so much keeping a loyal customer, eh?



im getting the samsung captivate on att tomorrow and im keeping my unlimited internet from my blackberry. so im happy lol. but really. they're the same. 2gb or so was the previous "unlimited" cap they put on people with smart phones. the only difference now is they're publishing it and they'll charge out the ass for overages



there is only one reason for doing this     guess what  to squeeze even more money out of our already worn thin wallets



Just a month away from my new every two.... I have backed Verizon until now... Had been looking forward to a real smart phone...  If they do this or if I can't go ahead and purchase a data plan now, in advance to be grandfathered in... Im buying a clamshell phone, changing my number, and disabling text and picture messsaging and just using my phone as a phone. imagine that... using a phone as a phone...


Yeah, I'm mad... calling them tomorrow to find out if customer service even can tell me anything... I'll pay for unlimited data for two months prior to using it... I only have an Env2 right now so I could use the data a little...


*Edit* on the phone with Customer service right now... she knows nothing about this, shes checking with a supervisor*

*Edit* Customer service rep knew notthing about this, checked with supervisor and they knew nothing either. Im going to jump the gun and get the data plan now just in case..  I'd rather be on that other side of the fence if I CAN be grandfathered in.  This would be a non issue but I'm so close to my new every two contract period. 

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