Verizon to Hand Out Over 8,000 Pink Slips



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Verizon just layed off over 2400 less than a week ago.  I'm sure the actual number was a lot higher when you take into account the whole country's numbers.  I know this to be a fact because I was one of them.  In the last 2 years I worked least 60 hours a week as a manager in FIOS for no extra pay or benefits.  They are blood sucking bastards just like leaches.  I put in 9 years of my life there and missed so many things with my kids to keep a job, but apparentlythat doesn't help with the new greediness standards.

Maybe now I can find a job with decen benefits and a pension.  The hourly workers do, but in management you do not unless you are in the corporate offices.


Stinky Fartface

These bastards make ridiculous ammounts of money because they've got the screws on everyone and they know it. They don't need to lay people off they are just using the recession as an excuse.


And now all of these people will be out of work looking for unemployment and we have to foot the bill.  They're making billions, it would have been a show of humanitarianism to continue to employ all of these people who helped to make the company what it is instead of what?  Picking up an extra 1/2 billion or something, maybe less.  Despicable!

And to think I was considering the stock as a purchase, and it may still be a good buy, but I don't support companies that don't take care of their employees.

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