Verizon Gobbles Up Cable Companies' Wireless Spectrum For $3.6 Billion



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I don't consider this a monopolistic activity like the AT&T - T-Mobile merger.  They aren't really aquiring that many customers.  They are mainly in the deal for the spectrum.  The companies they are getting the specturm from don't have many customers, so that portion of the specturm is more then likely underutiliezed.  Aquiring more specturm allows them to better provide the wireless service.  So I think this would be good for the consumer.



No good will come of this.



lol, good one, Obi Wan.  :-)



Great!  Now they can bring back unlimited data since these new spectra will alleviate network traffic.......Oh wait, they won't because all they care about is money and screwing customers over big time!


Vigilant Satyr

Screwing your customers is not a viable long term business plan. (Well not for any business outside of the world's oldest profession anyway.) Commiting to services that they will not be able to reliably deliver in the near future, like offering unlimited data plans when devices that are huge bandwidth hogs that will kill network reliability are on the horizon, also is not a viable long term business plan.

Throttling expectations and still providing the reliable network connectivity and providing a near problem free experience for the vast majority of their customers at a price they are willing to pay however, is a viable long term business plan.



Logic, f*ck

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