Verizon Fiber Network Hits Nearly 1Gbps in New Trial



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its really annoying to me that i dont have FiOS because every other town around me has it!!! for some reason it just isn't coming into my town. I currently have a connection speed of 3 mbps and thats maxed out. It very annoying to download large files and watch movies on netflix. Everything else at my house can support high speed connections its just not physically possible for me to get one right now!!! ugh. On top of that I only have a 768 kbps rate coming in until last December when I called about it. Verizon informed me I had been "grandfathered" in to an old connection and, for 5 dollars less, could get the 3 mbps connection I have now, I wasnt happy



Out in the country glad I have the bare min for DSL at least it's better than satellite



One can guess that Verizon FIOS will finally/eventually/ultimately/in the end/at last/at long last be actually deployed nationwide once the so-called net neutrality with the FCC has been resolved (read: forced on the FCC). In other words, once Verizon knows how much it can milk us without provoking a riot and be sure it won't be forced to subcontract the pipes to 3rd party ISPs.



Hell, I'd be happy with a reliable 5 mbps connection. Up until a month ago, the fastest available where I live was 768 kbps. now its available at 1 mbps.

I believe verizon and other isp's need to think less about speed and more about spreading high speed availability. 



I'd take your old speed. I have 512K here.



Shaw Cable in Vancouver, Canada has already been trialing 1gpbs speeds for the past few months now, customers in selected neighbourhoods get 6 months free.

I am currently on 100mbps :)



They can support these speeds, yet talk about limiting your usage on it each month. I can't remember if Verizon is imposing caps on their broadband. I don't think so. But I'll send the same message to every ISP out there. I'd rather have UNLIMITED usage on a 10 or 12mbps connection, versus a 150 or 250gig or whatever cap on a 50mbps service. Honestly, I have little need for anything beyond my 12mbps with Uverse. Not many sites I go to even let me download at my maximum speed as it is. What good will a 20 or 50mbps connection do for me? At the moment, not much.



FIOS is in my area, but not my neighborhood.  I have 30Mbps, but I could get 50Mbps from cable if I wanted to pay for it.  If wimax is brining 100Mbps with it's new standard, hard wire will need to offer some killer speeds like gigabit to help fight it.



Why is it that maximumpc gets every article on the internet 6 hours after they are posted on different sites?


I Jedi

1Gbps sure puts my 20Mbps connection to shame.

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