Verizon Eyes Customers Suspiciously, Raises FiOS ETF



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Just ordered a new plan today. The ETF goes down $15 every month over the course of the 24 month plan.


I can live with that!



 Early termination fees that high are uncalled for, even considering the following points:

1.  Verizon must install about $300 worth of equipment at your residence.

2.  They incur horrible roll-out costs.  They roll THEIR OWN fiber including the trunk lines and all the premisis drops.

3.  Verizon is doing what AT&T did back in the day....they are covering the U.S. with their OWN fiber.

4.  I have been a Verizon customer for 9 years now...from 768 DSL to my current 20/20 FIOS.

5.  Verizon loses customers on a regular basis...due, I believe, to seriously out of date billing software.

6.  Since I switched to FIOS over a year ago...they have constantly messed up my bill.  They always correct it too...but that is a royal pain.

7.  No, you don't need 35/35 symmetrical speeds, if all you're going to do is chat and check your emails...however...

8.  When DLing 30 movies at the same time, AND comes in handy  :)


Sure their ETF's are ridiculous, but if customers realized just TWO things, they would NEVER cancel and never need to pay the ETF's.  One, the rollout costs...two the out-of-date billing software....the 2nd of which is what I assume causes the cancelations.  Verizon, as a company is compartmetalized....every service generates a separate bill, which then have to be combined.  This, does NOT work well, especially around the Holidays.  I'm sure, from my many years of DSL experience, that they will eventually fix this billing issue.

The service itself is not a problem...AT is practically flawless.  (Don't use their router...its a purposely-designed lemon)

Something to consider:

Asymmetrical connection speeds are a rip-off.  90% of all websites cap the bandwidth at THEIR end, so a 50/50 connection will STILL DL at 300-500Kb/sec.  Upload speeds are not capped by Verizon.  I realize that most people DL rather than UL, but since websites cap their bandwidth, your advertised DL speed really means nothing.  But when you  DO want to send a few GB's of wedding photos (or w/e) to a friend or relative....the symmetrical connection really SHINES.

Verizon needs to do two things to take over the entire internet in the U.S.

    Code new billing software that actually accommodates their MANY services, and take one on the jaw, and finish the rollout.  The billing software should NOT be compartmentalized and the billing computers should NEVER assume that everyone has a Verizon phone number.  I think this, more than anything will put a stop to cancellations, therby making the issue of EFT's a moot point.

To misquote Winston Churchill on purpose...Verizon is the worst system...except for all the others.





The "CLOUD" is the single biggest mistake this country has made....EVER !



I really don't see why $360 seems "illegal;" look how much Verizon is spending. If you make them pay 2 grand to set up your house (adding some of the cost for the pole fiber), they definitely deserve atleast that measly amount should you decide to cancel before they get any money back. Verizon probably is the best ISP in the US in terms of speed and not giving into the feds, so why would anyone want to cancel? If you're running out of money, don't get $120/mo. service. Duh. And the best part: the price doesn't soar after a year or so like some other unnamed ISPs do. They actually upgraded my service FOR FREE from 5/2 to 15/5, after which I chose to pay a little extra for 25/15. And yes, the servers usually cap; just use Torrents whenever possible. I get my full 3.1 MB/s. 

They mess up my bill to, as well. ;) 



I have Fios 15Mb/sec and, I have to say that I have found no application for myself personnally that would need more.  Yes, I could get bragging rights but I don't feel like upping the ETF if I am satisfied with my current HD Television package and internet connection.

Also, if you already have cable in your home like I did, calm your mind.  The installer can use the existing RG59 layout.  Now, THAT was cool to me. 

James R. Rea


I Jedi

Companies, like Verizon, have to cover the losses that they lose do to a customer bailing on them earlier than the agreement has stated otherwise; therefore, I do not see why Verizon should be looked poorly down on for this? If you do not have a steady job, cannot afford the monthly payments easily, or simply are too afraid of not having that $360 then you should not enroll. These companies HAVE a RIGHT here, folks. We may not agree with the price of it, but if we do not like then we do not have to buy.



The only internet where I live is from Mediacom.  Comes through the cable.  Its not bad, when its actually up.

Which is like three days a week.... 



Wow expensive plans. I can get (once the fiber is ran in my city) 50 MBs symmetrical speed plus phone and IPTV for about 100 bucks a month through Prime Time Communication and Salt Lake City's Utopia program.


Joe The Plummer

Stuff them. Optonline provides that speed without any ETF's or contracts. It's slightly more expensive but I can leave at anytime and not pay a penalty.

If Verizon is taking any broadband stimulus money they need to not be allowed to charge these ETF's. 



For FiOS each home has to get an optical network terminal (ONT) which takes some time to install in addition to laying out the fiber optics. They also give you a router for the service. All these things cost a lot of money. Cable providers have had their infrastructure down for decades and they can't cope with the contemporary demands on their network. Optimum Online doesn't give you a dedicated internet line. This means you won't always get the speeds that you pay for and they won't be sustained. For me, FiOS has been exceptional; the price that we pay for our internet access is always sustained and has not changed once since we've signed up (1.5 yrs ago).


Joe The Plummer

I get very consistent speeds. I see downloads exceed 30Mbps averaging around 25Mbps. Uploads exceed on average 5Mbps. While Verizon does provide a dedicated line for each household you still have a problem if their access points get congested. Which doesn't seem to be a problem because nobody is signing up for their service. 

Yes, cable had a huge head start but they still had to build out the infrastructure and Optimum Online never required a contract and never had ETF's when they first rolled out and provided the cable modems and still do. All Verizon is providing is a special combo modem/router. Which sucks by the way because it lacks a ton of features but you have to use it instead of your own better router. 

Either way as a consumer I'd much rather choose a company that doesn't require a contract or ETF's. Verizon will never succeed at least in the NY metro area with their offering as long as the competition offers a better deal (which they do). 



Well I'm guessing the alternative would be an increase in initial fees since they do have to lay lines to your house. They need to cover the installation cost somehow without or they would lose a lot of money everytime someone terminates.



EH. Most of the Fiber lines in the US have been laid down using tax dollars. Really i think Verizon just needs a nice slap across the face with what they've been doing lately.



I have FiOS's relatively "slow" 15/2 internet service at the moment.  It's totally awesome.  The TV is great, too.  I've used (and supported) just about everyone's bundles, and this is the best, by far.





They constantly advertise "DEMAND FIOS!" So I do. And I receive nothing. I have to make do with Verizon DSL. *sigh* A dreamer can dream.

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