Verizon Dropping 1-Year Contract Option



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Or you could go to Sprint, pay less, and get premium service after 6 months and get your 2 year upgrade after one year. However, as much as I hate Verizon and their overwhelming shadiness, I rarely take 1 year contracts offers, even when I can get them from Sprint. I'd rather wait it out another year to get the better price and, most likely, a better, more advanced phone. Carriers can't run their services for free. Every new high tech thingy they offer us costs them more. I for one am not above paying for the services I use. I consider it my charity to the beauty of capitalism. Best thing about charitable donations to capitalism - they give you awesome products in return.



I don't see how Verizon (et. al) justifies at least $75/month *with* a (now) minimum 2 yr. contract imho. Really, honestly, they probably have one of the higher profit margins than most industries. Yeah, carriers can't run their services for free, but carriers can't charge upwards of $100/month for something not worth it. Yeah, most plans offer the phone for "free" or near-free, but what if you pay for the phone and for the service?

"Charitable donations to capitalism"... I only slightly agree with "awesome products" being returned after giving a "charitable donation" to capitalism. Maybe a new Honda w/ awesome fuel economy, the great looks and knowing the thing will run forever is a *great* return for the money, but the voice/data/text plans ask for more money than what's returned. Slow, useless internet (viewable on a screen no bigger than the palm of your hand). Bandwitdh caps. Dropped calls/poor signals.  Sh!tty phones only good for collecting fingerprints. Sh!tty customer service (or lack thereof) when you complain.

If I didn't have to text (and call) to contact friends, family, my gf, etc *quickly* I would spend the $75/month on someting more worthwhile. Besides, I hate texting.



No, it's because they want to hold on to their customers longer...they realize that by the end of a 1-year contract, most of their customers migrate to a different provider because their service plain sucks, so they want to keep 'em for 2 years (or collect the $300+ ETF) to make more money. 





i currently have a 1 year contract. Since im quite young Verizon is my first cell phone carrier that ive had a contract in my own name and this is really shitty of verizon in my opinion. i like the 1 year contract for 2 reasons...No.1 I dont have to be tied to a carrier for 2 whole years.  if you dont like the service or what most cases you have less than a year to wait and youre free from them.  and No.2 you get to upgrade ever 10 months if you soo choose.  The diffence is about 60bucks in buying the phone on a 1year instead of a 2year term.  to me paying the extra 60bucks for the phone was worth it to opt for the 1 year. 

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