Verizon to Double Size of 4G LTE Data Cap for Limited Time



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I dont live in a 4G LTE covered area yet, but I recently drove down to Tampa and somehow used over 900MB during the trip once I entered 4G area. Thank god for unlimited data! 


I spent 2 days in the Tampa area and consumed just over 4GB....WITHOUT tethering. I personally cant do tiered plans....I dont understand how other people do it.



It's just their way of marketing.  It's their way of charging people to use this "NEW" feature.  It sucks... I'm grandfathered in aswell on the unlimited bandwidth.  So I'm not worried unless when I re-up on my contract and then they're like well you will have to change your plan to get this 4g phone. 



I am grandfathered in on the unlimited plan as well. I am about to dump my Crapberry for a 4G Andrioid device very soon. I'm glad I don't have to worry about these caps.



You will not be able to keep your unlimitted plan once you get a new 4g phone. Even if you just upgrade to a new 3G phone you will lose it. I think the only way you can keep your unlimited 3g data plan is to buy a new phone at full price and replace a phone on your plan. I think the phone can only be 3g though.



I've never quite understood the mentality of offering faster speeds with lower/any data cap. This is why I'm never going to update my Verizon contract until they get rid of the caps.


Of course they tried to lie to me in March and tell me they had no intention to ever implement data caps. Kudos to me and my grandfathered in status.


Brett Schealler

I agree. got a blackberry a couple years ago with alltel, and to date I still have the unlimited data plan!



Did you suffer through the RIM outage this morning that just ended about 11:10 am ?

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