Verizon Considers Doubling FiOS Early Termination Fee



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They're salesmen gave us wrong information (lied in our eyes), Television interactivity was horribly unresponsive (but so was their customer service), and the package cost way more than what they estimated it would be.

That's why so many people want out as quickly as they join.

Why do others stay? Well if you don't care about price, and don't ever call verizon, then their picture is fabulous, and their internet flies like no other. Their phone was clear, but we had problems getting the features activated that we contracted for.

 They want to raise the early term fee to make people think twice about leaving. It costs a lot to install the Fiber Optic to the house, hook up the special hardware, etc. and when you cancel they don't take it back (except the cable itself and the STBs). I'm sure they're losing as much as they're investing.

Oh, and it's already a BIG battle to cancel even within the grace period. Our battle lasted 6 months.

 Sad... I was so looking forward to it. So disappointing. So never again.


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Living in Canada, Verizon is not available to me.  My humble opinion, however, is that this would be a tremendous mistake.  Not only would it piss off existing customers, but any potential customers are going to see this and think "Man, does Verizon's service suck so much that people are dropping them frequently enough to warrant increasing the termination fee???" and then they'll go somewhere else.

Then again, that may just be MY thought process.





I am haveing problems with COX Cable and after many service call (each one taking several hours of my day) It still is not right. every piece of equipment and cable all the way to the pole is new. they fixed the tv, the internet stoped dropping but the signal is still at a -10 and there is static on the phone. I was all ready to switch to FIOS until i saw this article. now I dont want to end up just tradeing 1 problem for another.

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