Verizon Confirms Droid's Release Date and Pricing Info



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I hope this phone sells like mad so it forces Apple to get it in gear and fix the lingering iPhone issues: lack of multitasking, worthless "slide to unlock" screen that could be a great info dashboard, terrible battery life, lack of customization, etc.

I'm already fairly committed to the iPhone, so it would take something major for me to switch, but these new Android devices in the pipeline are looking more and more tempting.



I'm on T-Mobile with un-limited minutes so hopefully this thing will be able to be un-locked and used on the Tmo network.

I'm in, if so!
I've squeezed every ounce out of my G1 and need more now!




I'm due for a new phone this november and this should be a much improvement over my current motorola "CRAZER" phone. QWERTY board on this new phone looks a bit flat....i hope its just the pic doing that.



Looks very nice. I got rid of my iphone because I didn't like the keyboard, email functions, and the battery life was a joke! Hopefully this device will get me back to a nice smart phone (and away from at&t!) I'll have to go play with one.



Slick looking phone. If only they would have had that phone before I renewed my contract with Tmobile... Oh well, still loving the G1

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