Verizon Beats Sprint in Set of 1000 4G Speed Tests



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I frequently get better than 1.14Mbps/0.66Mbps on my EVO... on 3G (EVDO).  Something's fishy here.



Sounds fishy to me...I have the EVO with WiMAX and have tested inside and outside.  True, outside is far better than inside.  I have tested it and have gotten speeds up to 6Mbps for downloads and 2Mbps for uploads.  My firend who has Verizon cannot even get LTE in this area at this time so I have no comparison except that he cannot even break 1Mbps up or down with his 3G speed.  Essentially, to have an accurate test and evaluation, you have to run the tests in various locations, not just in one building.



I do agree with both points about Evo and the network, but these results aren't surprising. The 700mhz spectrum was used for public television and has excellent building penetration. Also it allows the waive to bounce off buildings with minimal loss.



They definitely aren't on wimax...



I'm not so sure about this. Those are the kinds of speeds I get on EVDO. WiMax is only testing in a small area in my town right now, but the speeds on my wife's EVO are way faster than what I get on my Samsung Moment. Is it possible, maybe, that cell breathing played a factor in this? After all, the Thunderbolt just launched, but the EVO has been out for almost a year. There are probably a whole lot more people in New York using EVOs than Thunderbolts. They admit that the bands may have been a factor, and the results would have been different outside ... yet, they didn't test outside. It's almost as if they wanted to say "Verizon wins!" and just leave it at that, rather than find out how the two really stack up.

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