Verizon Announces Samsung Omnia 2 Windows Mobile Phone



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This seems like a nice model and the price is quite affordable. I wonder how the VoIP version will be because mine got old. I can't wait to browse through its applications.



Lets just hope the Omnia II doesn't repeat the first Omnia's mistakes. It was a gorgeous phone with good ideas, but had them implemented poorly. It was the most irritating phone I had ever used, a real exercise in frustration. Most notable problem with it? Accidently zooming in on things when you never wanted to zoom. Happened way more often than you would want. I like Verizon, I want them to have good phones ><



hey let me know how this is i was thinking of a windows mobile phone...or an android phone...or a 1980's radioactive brick. whatever gets better service. probobly two cups+string 


On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. Chuck Palahniuk, FIght Club.

 Intel Q6600@3.2


Nvidia8800GTS 640MB


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