Verizon to Announce Droid X Next Week, Could Have Impressive Screen



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none of the new big name phones are coming out with physical keyboards! i like my Rumor for that reason, but other than that, that phone blows. hard. i'd like to upgrade, but i'm sort of reliant on my physical keyboard to make up for my sloppy thumbs.



I was inerested in this phone until I found out it will be running MOTOblur. I'll pass now. I like stock android and I'm on Verizon...I was really hoping for the nexus one



Is T-Mobile releasing any new pocket pc? My touch pro2 is dying on me :(



They just released the Garminfone. Yawn...



Engadget got the preview.  It's a 852X480 screen.


Talcum X

 Releasing new phones that directly complete with your other phones you just introduced only a month or so ago?  Usually you want to wait to milk the consumers a while before you release the next gen stuff. So, the Droid Does compaign will be upped to Droid Does More?  They arleady boasted hard on the Incredible.  Will it be the best of both... Incridible stuff and speed with 4G....  What's next....3D? 


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Actually, if it were up to Verizon they would love to have a phone like this launch every month as it gets more people to sign up, remember, the price of the phone is only a small fraction of the >$2400 they will take in from most customers on a 2 year plan. The people that would not like this are the handset manufacturers as they are competing with each other, but Verizon benefits from every new phone that is introduced on their network.

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