Verizon and Casio Want You to Roll Commando



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Number Six

Just a heads up.  It's my first Android based phone and I think it is great (although I needed to buy Touchdown to work with Exchange).

The battery life is good enough to last all day of mixed data and bluetooth voice for me.  Using WIFI it does drain faster.

The initial reviews of the phone have complained about poor response of the touch screen.  I have not noticed this at all.  Perhaps my fingers don't fly as fast as other reviewers' but I find the touch screen does what I want it to do.

The built-in camera, even at 5MP, sucks though.  I agree with the reviews on that issue.  Slow shutter leads to blurry images and it does not handle dynamic lighting well (highlights blown to all hell).



Sounds awesome, but let me guess: average battery life of like 15 minutes.  Why no solar cell on the back?  If 'adventurers' are always outside, seems like a no-brainer.



Sounds like jizz one. I guess it'll fit right in with the ipad and what not.

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