Vendors Waste No Time in Touting iPad Peripherals



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 A waterproof cover for your iPad... For those heavy flow days!


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Nothing wrong with OSX  in my mind, in fact this Macbook does everything my desktop pc does except gaming (obviously) and video encoding.  Besides 75% of the time im on the interwebz, listening to music.  Swear to god if Apple let me install OSX on my desktop and Microsoft let them have Direct3D capability I would never go back to Windows (this will never happen, and i might miss w7 a bit...)



I still can't past the name, ipad, sounds like a feminine hygiene product, and that was before I found this youtube video rom Mad TV from 3 years ago. Definitely will not buy it after seeing this -


Sebie Kay

Ok Apple, you have some good ideas (iPhone, iPod), but really?  The iPad... which I can do what with it?  I can't play online flash games with it... I can't type on it well, and I can't use it as a mobile music device... so... Where does that leave me and the iPad?


Worse yet... I get the feeling that this iPad was produced for the sole purpose of flooding the market with useless add ons.  A flip open cover?  BUY A NETBOOK!  Want to protect a screen?  BUY A CLAM-SHELL NETBOOK!  Want to own a mobile computer that will actually allow you to do something?  BUY A NETBOOK!  

With a netbook, I can listen to music and edit documents at the same time.... something I can't do with an iPad.  Oh, and the price tag.... $299 starting for a netbook... how much for the iPad?!?!

Psh.  Talk about bad ideas... 

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



If you were planning on flipping open a case, why not just get a much less expensive and much more useful netbook?

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