Velocity Micro Puffs Chest at Bulk OEMs, Launches $599 'Vector Holiday Edition' Desktop



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AMD is shit. An i3 3225 would be vastly better on the CPU side which is what typical stupid joe needs, and it uses less power. Or an i3 3220 if the 5 isn't available. It makes no sense to buy a gimped APU unless you are a really cheap ass gamer who can't afford a real 680/7970Ghz.



Agree with kleinkinstein -- this machine could be built for maybe $300, or $400 easily.

Estimates, today's newegg prices:
1. A6-5400k: $75
2. RAM: 45
3. Case/PSU: ~75
4. 1tb: 70
5. 24x dvd: 25
6. oem key/mouse: 20

$310 without windows; $400 with.

not worth it -- the baseline $349 dell vostro 270 has a more powerful Intel® Core™ I3-3220, and could have a geforce 660-670 with the price difference.



Now add shipping, and sales tax. Windows 7 and 8 costs more than $90 for a full version which is what you will need, as 8 sells for $120 so that pushes your price to $430 not including sales tax and shipping. Not much of a profit margin now is there?



I don't have an issue with velocity's attempted margins, but they are offering less machine for more money than you could build yourself, or get from dell.

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