Velocity Micro Has an 'Edge' in All-In-One Desktops



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At least with the Maingear AIO you can swap out the GPU, since it uses a PCI-E 16X slot and can take dual-slot cards.



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For $800, I would want more than a laptop Corei3, 4gb of ram and no GPU. But that's just me.

I like the idea of a touch screen AIO, but AIO's have a tendency to be crap, and a terrible value. iMacs included.



They say its not like the rest of the AIO Pc's but it is, sure you can get an i7 in it but your still stuck with intel graphics unlike Hp which you can get an Nvidia solution. Dell offers intel graphics up till get you get to the XPS line up in which it offers Nvidia as an option. Sad to say after customizing it in which I opted for a 1TB internal HDD, core i7, Windows 8 pro and 8GB ram the price was $1300, for that price I can get an iMac that has all those specs and a decent graphics card. But then again I like towers more than all in ones any day.



For that price, you could not get an iMac at all and get a custom desktop PC with dedicated graphics and then some. Better than a dedicated Facebook machine.



I myself would opt for a custom machine any day but comparing this all in one to others I would go with the iMac as it has a better GPU + Processor combo than the rest. This Velocity Machine is indeed a over priced Facebook machine.

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